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Airport Profile

Seattle-Tacoma International Airport
CONRAC Facility Design and Document Negotiations, 2006-2009

Over a 13-year period of time, Mr. Fein worked on various aspects of the Seattle-Tacoma consolidated rental car (CONRAC) now under construction. In the early years, Mr. Fein met regularly with airport staff, consultants, architects, engineers and designers to attempt to create a facility of sufficient size and efficiency that could be built with projected funding. Sometime in 2006, after a number of false starts, the project began coming together with a design that ultimately was built. In 2006, the industry formally organized itself and Mr. Fein became the Vice-Chairperson of the Industry Committee that assisted the airport staff with creating the facility.

Mr. Fein has participated in many activities as described below:

      • Attended regular monthly or bimonthly design meetings
      • Attended negotiations meetings to determine the business terms and conditions
      • Helped supervise the processes on behalf of the car rental industry
      • Represented the car rental industry in the selection process for the contracted team that finished the design of the facility, created the construction documents and is building the facility
      • Represented the industry before the Port Commission at hearings
      • Represented the industry in negotiations with the Airport staff
      • Assisted airport staff in understanding industry issues
      • Mentored several smaller rental car companies to understand the processes necessary to create a CONRAC

      As the building neared completion, Mr. Fein (after retiring from Advantage) was hired by the Port of Seattle to advise the airport on activation matters and to assist in creating an exclusive car rental common busing system. This type of busing was new to the Port.

      The activation process and the busing system worked flawlessly upon opening of the facility.