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Airport Profile

Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport
CONRAC Facility, Design, Document Negotiations, and Ongoing Operations Supervision, 2002-2008

Mr. Fein served as Industry Vice Chairperson for the Car Rental Industry committees that helped design, formulate and create the consolidated rental car (CONRAC) facility.  The process took approximately six years with regular monthly or bimonthly meetings for both the design function and the business terms negotiation.

Specifically, Mr. Fein:

    • Attended the regular meetings for design and represented the smaller market share participants (one of three on the design team).
    • Attended the regular meetings to negotiate the terms and conditions of the lease and concession agreements;
    • Supervised the processes necessary to implement all the preliminary work so that construction could occur;
    • Supervised the construction thru regular participation in management meetings and on site visits;
    • Represented the car rental industry in selecting the bus operator to operate the remote busing system now in place;
    • Represented the car rental industry in the selection process to select the general contractor and their team to build the facility;
    • Assisted the airport, the industry, the consultants, the contractors, the small operators and the companies to successfully open and operate the facility in 2006;
    • Assisted in the supervision of operations and management of the facility until 2008;
    • Worked closely with airport staff to create the facility and operate it; including the first and second reallocation of ready return spaces.