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Airport Profile

George Bush Intercontinental (Houston) Airport
CONRAC Facility, 2001
CONRAC Development, Management and Supervision, 1996-2009

Mr. Fein served as the Rental Car Industry Committee Chairperson from the inception of the CONRAC project in 1996 thru 2009.  This project started in 1996 and opened for business in 2003.  He supervised the design, placement, location, size, and shape of the facility and as Chairperson supervised architects, engineers, designers and industry representatives on the design team and the properties team to create the facility.

In creating the entity and the facility, Mr. Fein:

      • Conducted regular monthly meetings to create the business terms including the lease and the concession agreement. He assisted in the writing of the documents to support the bond issue to pay for the facility. He worked closely with airport staff, outside consultants and members of the rental car industry to create the first large CONRAC completely run by the industry.

      • Conducted regular monthly design meetings to assist in the development of the construction documents based upon industry mandates and supervised construction activities.

      • Created the theory of third-party management of CONRAC facilities and the documents to secure request for proposals for both operation & maintenance and busing. Mr. Fein chaired the selection committees for both areas.

      • Participated in the negotiations on the bonds sold to pay for the facility including meetings with the Investment Bankers team, rating agencies and insuring agencies needed to support the bond issue.

      • Supervised the third-party operations & maintenance operator from inception prior to grand opening continuing thru the end of 2008. He helped create the documents authorizing both the selection of the operator and the ongoing operations.

      • Supervised the bus operator from inception prior to grand opening thru the end of 2008. He helped create the documents supporting operations.

      • Spearheaded the commisioning and activation of the facilities.

      • Presided over regular monthly meetings from 1997 thru 2007 that dealt with all aspects of operations.