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Airport Profile

Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport
Document Negotiations and Facility Management Supervision, 1993-2008

Mr. Fein was also involved on the planning team during the initial inception of the idea to build a CONRAC. He participated in the discussions, negotiations, and implementation of operations from 1993 through 2008. From the beginning, he was involved in the design, placement, size, shape, and location of the CONRAC, including the Customer Service Building, ready/return spaces, service sites, busing maintenance facility location and bus service. Mr. Fein also assisted with the following areas: negotiation of the business terms and conditions and the drafting of the lease and concession agreement; implementation of changes during construction and participation in grand opening planning, including the movement of old facilities for 10 companies; supervision of the facility management during the first five years of operation, including supervision of the annual budget discussions; reallocation of ready/return spaces; negotiation of the term sheet for the 10-year major reallocation; and implementation of the transportation fee to pay for the busing.